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AMB 2014: CERATIZIT presents cutting highlights under the new "Cutting Solutions" brand

CERATIZIT is presenting the product highlights of the new "Cutting Solutions" competence brand at the AMB. The program includes the versatile MaxiDrill 900 drill, solid carbide twist drills for deep hole drilling and the completely revised multi-function tool EcoCut. CERATIZIT is also presenting the new milling grades.

CERATIZIT S. A., Mamer, Luxembourg (headquarters), September 2014

With the launch of the new "Cutting Tools" brand for cutting tools, the CERATIZIT Group is giving itself a wider base, and now offers a comprehensive range of insert tools and solid carbide tools.

In addition to the complete solid carbide program, the hard metal expert will also be presenting the MaxiDrill 900 drill and the revised EcoCut multi-function tool at the AMB. "With our specially developed and wide product range, we cover a very wide range of applications," explains Dr. Uwe Schleinkofer, Development Manager Cutting at CERATIZIT. "We thereby always have customer benefit in mind: maximum performance and low storage requirement."

A special highlight is also the newly developed milling grade generation for steel, cast iron and stainless steel machining. "Here, we are updating the complete ISO-P-M-K area at one stroke", adds Dr. Schleinkofer. To improve the performance of these models, state-of-the-art coating systems were used, combined with special finishing processes.

On the stand, visitors have the opportunity to directly discuss this with the Topic Ambassadors for "Cutting Solutions", and to see all the major details on the exhibited product highlights.

1. Deep hole drilling with CERATIZIT solid carbide drills

As an alternative to single-fluted deep hole drills, the solid carbide twist drill from CERATIZIT is suitable for deep hole drilling in the range up to 50xD. The advantage is the achievable high drill feeds: in practical tests on solid carbide drills, feeds of 256 millimeters per minute were achieved, in comparison to 70 millimeters per minute for gun drills. The solid carbide drill correspondingly reduces the machining time by a factor of 3.6, and thereby saves costs and increases productivity. Optimum chip formation and unobstructed chip flow also ensure a constant cutting force distribution, and thereby a safe drilling operation.

2. EcoCut: Optimum drilling results and efficient external machining

With the EcoCut multi-function tool, CERATIZIT presents the leading solution in the market for the processing of internal and/or plane and exterior contours. EcoCut is suitable for drilling into solid material and for turning. EcoCut was completely revised on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the product. A new tool support design reduces vibration and enables tighter tolerances and better surface finishes. Three coated carbide grades cover all the materials of ISO Group P / M / K / S: The COLORSTARTM models CTCP425 and CTCP435 are very heat resistant, and are therefore have very stable cutting edges when in use. The hard metal grade CTPP430 has very high toughness, and is extremely resistant to wear. EcoCut thereby increases service life by 100%.

3. MaxiDrill 900: wide range of applications, process-reliable and precise drilling

Thanks to high feed rates the MaxiDrill 900 allows full drilling at depths of 2xD to 5xD. The drill is easy to handle, as the same cutting tool insert (in both geometry and grade) is used for the peripheral and central insert. The new, universal hard metal grade CTPP430 makes the MaxiDrill 900 particularly resistant to wear, and, in trials, increases the service life by more than 30%. Coordinated cutting tool insert geometry and angle of attack result in a good drill behavior with gentle entry into the material and high process reliability, even in difficult drilling situations. The chip space is optimally designed to ensure efficient chip removal.

4. The new milling grades

A total of seven new milling grades in the "Cutting Solutions" cover almost all application areas. For steel processing, the BLACKSTARTM CTCP230 and SILVERSTARTM CTPP235 grades offer a greatly improved surface quality and optimum chip flow. They are also very resistant to wear. A special layer architecture is obtained through modern coating systems and optimized post-treatment processes. This makes the grades extremely tough, with excellent adhesion, and is therefore particularly suitable for dry machining.

The BLACKSTARTM CTCK215 grade is ideal for the dry machining of cast iron at high cutting speeds. SILVERSTARTM CTPK220, on the other hand, is suitable for wet machining in tough application areas. The wear-resistant SILVERSTARTM CTPM225 and CTPM240 grades are preferably used for machining stainless steel. As an alternative for general steel machining and machining martensitic steels, the tough BLACKSTARTM CTCM235 grades are used.

CERATIZIT passion and pioneering spirit for carbides

For over 95 years, CERATIZIT has been a pioneer developing exceptional hard material products for cutting tools and wear protection. The privately owned company, based in Mamer, Luxembourg, develops and manufactures highly specialised carbide cutting tools, inserts and rods made of hard materials as well as wear parts. The CERATIZIT Group is the market leader in several wear part application areas, and successfully develops new types of carbide, cermet and ceramic grades which are used for instance in the wood and stone working industry.


With over 9,000 employees at 34 production sites and a sales network of over 70 branch offices, CERATIZIT is a global player in the carbide industry. As a leader in materials technology, CERATIZIT continuously invests in research and development and holds over 1,000 patents. Innovative carbide solutions from CERATIZIT are used in mechanical engineering and tool construction and many other industries including the automotive, aerospace, oil and medical sectors.


The internationally active CERATIZIT Group unites the four competence brands Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT, Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT and Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT. The carbide expert also includes the subsidiaries WNT and CB-CERATIZIT, as well as the tool manufacturers Günther Wirth, PROMAX Tools, Klenk, Cobra Carbide India, Becker Diamantwerkzeuge, Best Carbide Cutting Tools and KOMET GROUP.

  • The newly developed milling grade generation of CERATIZIT: BLACKSTAR

  • The newly developed milling grade generation of CERATIZIT: COLORSTAR

  • EcoCut – completely revised: A new tool holder design for tighter tolerances and better surface finishes as well as three coated carbide grades to cover all the materials of ISO Group P / M / K / S.

  • The newly developed milling grade generation of CERATIZIT: GOLDSTAR

  • Thanks to high feed rates, Maxi Drill allows the full drilling at depths of 2xD to 5xD.

  • The newly developed milling grade generation of CERATIZIT: SILVERSTAR

  • This is the first time that the solid carbide expertise of the CERATIZIT Group will be on display.

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