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Innovative carbide and cermet products at GrindTec

CERATIZIT presents solutions for precision-tool manufacturers and wood machining

CERATIZIT S. A., Mamer, Luxembourg (headquarters), February 2014

At GrindTec 2014 from March 19–22 in Augsburg, CERATIZIT will be presenting its latest developments in the field of carbide rods – rods with four coolant holes, milling cutter blanks combining two different grades of carbide and a new generation of cermet rods. And for wood machining, CERATIZIT will also be introducing self-sharpening saw teeth that can be soldered quickly.

CERATIZIT is expanding its product range with the launch of CTS20D – DualBlank, a milling cutter blank for universal use made of two different carbide grades. In the cutting zone, where performance is key, the blank consists of the high-performance grade CTS20D, while the shaft is made of TMG30, a resource-efficient recycled material. “We care a great deal about handling tungsten resources responsibly and sustainably,” says CERATIZIT product manager Christian Buschneg. “This is why our DualBlank technology is now available in conjunction with our CTS20D premium grade.”

New four-hole system delivers improved cooling

CERATIZIT has also boosted the efficiency of solid carbide drills by developing a range of rods offering four helical coolant holes. The two added holes allow more coolant to flow through the tool without any increase in pressure. And because the lubricant is distributed more evenly, the heat gradient at the cutting edge remains extremely low. So the material comes under significantly less stress, and is therefore much less likely to break.

Cermet: high resistance to heat, thermal shock and oxidation

CERATIZIT has now reintroduced cermet rods – and is the only rod manufacturer to do so. These are used primarily for reamers, but can also be found in milling applications. The reaming process generates high temperatures at the cutting edges. Our CTF28T grade is highly resistant to heat, thermal shock and oxidation. Cermet is exceptionally well suited to machining steel and cast iron. Here the tools, unlike those made of carbide, do not need to be coated. As a result, users enjoy extremely sharp cutting edges and a high level of surface quality.

Saw teeth: self-sharpening, quickly soldered and lightweight

CERATIZIT presents two innovative new products for wood machining:

Thanks to a groundbreaking layer structure, saw teeth made with CTDIA02 are self-sharpening. The result is a tool life of up to 250 kilometers, and tools that deliver an extremely high-quality finish throughout their useful life.

The main feature of the new 60000 series of saw teeth is a tooth radius that optimizes heat conduction. This makes the teeth quick to solder, thereby creating a uniform structure between the carbide and the main body.  And the redesigned shape also makes the tooth more lightweight.

Stop by and see us!

Our carbide experts will be available to talk to you throughout GrindTec. You can find us in Hall 5/Booth 5137.

We look forward to seeing you!

Lecture: How suitable is carbide for grinding?

There are various factors that determine whether or not a cutting material lends itself well to grinding: grinding force, the cutting performance required, the temperature of the workpiece during cutting, wear and tear on the grinding disc and the desired surface quality of the groove. Johannes Mayr, a CERATIZIT development engineer, will deliver a lecture on this topic at GrindTec, describing the diverse properties of carbide and explaining how they impact on grinding performance.

The lecture is entitled “Carbide: an examination and evaluation of its suitability for grinding”, and will take place at 2 p.m. in Hall 5 on Saturday March 22, 2014.

CERATIZIT mit Leidenschaft und Pioniergeist für Hartmetalle

CERATIZIT ist seit über 95 Jahren Pionier auf dem Gebiet anspruchsvoller Hartstofflösungen für Zerspanung und Verschleißschutz. Das Privatunternehmen mit Sitz in Mamer, Luxemburg, entwickelt und produziert hochspezialisierte Zerspanungswerkzeuge, Wendeschneidplatten, Stäbe aus Hartstoffen und Verschleißteile. In verschiedenen Anwendungssegmenten für Verschleißteile ist die CERATIZIT Gruppe Weltmarktführer und entwickelt erfolgreich neue Hartmetall-, Cermet- und Keramiksorten, etwa für die Holz- und Gesteinsbearbeitung.


Mit weltweit über 7.000 Mitarbeitern an 27 Produktionsstätten und einem Vertriebsnetz mit über 60 Niederlassungen ist CERATIZIT ein Global Player der Hartmetallbranche. Der Technologieführer investiert kontinuierlich in Forschung und Entwicklung und besitzt mehr als 600 Patente. Innovative Hartmetall-Lösungen von CERATIZIT werden unter anderem im Maschinen- und Werkzeugbau, in der Automobilbranche, Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie sowie der Medizinindustrie eingesetzt.


Die international agierende CERATIZIT-Gruppe vereint die vier Kompetenzmarken Cutting Solutions by CERATIZIT, Hard Material Solutions by CERATIZIT, Tool Solutions by CERATIZIT und Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT. Zum Hartmetall-Hersteller gehören außerdem die Tochterunternehmen WNT, Günther Wirth und CB-CERATIZIT sowie die Werkzeughersteller PROMAX Tools, Klenk, Cobra Carbide India, Becker Diamantwerkzeuge und Best Carbide Cutting Tools.

  • Stäbe mit Vierkanalsystem: Bei gleichem Druck fließt eine höhere Menge an Kühlschmiermittel durch das Werkzeug.

  • Stäbe aus Cermet überzeugen durch hohe Warmhärte sowie Beständigkeit gegen Thermoschock und Oxidation.

  • CTS20D–DualBlank: Zwei unterschiedliche Hartmetallqualitäten - Hochleistungssorte CTS20D im Schneidenbereich, ressourcenschonendes Recylingmaterial TMG30 im Schaftbereich.

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