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Our affiliated companies at a glance

The CERATIZIT GROUP brings together global expert knowledge of advanced carbide solutions. With our subsidiaries and joint ventures we guarantee a prompt service and the availability of innovative carbide products for all key markets.


Logo WNT

WNT is an international sales partner in the manufacturing industry for cutting tool solutions and has been part of the CERATIZIT Group since 1987.

WNT operates in 19 sales regions and has over 500 employees at its 13 sales offices. The headquarters are located in Kempten, Germany. With over 50.000 products available, WNT has the biggest product portfolio in the industry.

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Günther Wirth (GW)

In 2012 CERATIZIT acquired a 50 percent stake in manufacturer of solid carbide tools Günther Wirth. A manufacturer of rotary cutting tools, GW has been a technologically leading provider of solid carbide drills, end mills and reamers since 1981, with a product offering of more than 20,000 products.

GW employs more than 430 people and has production sites in Germany, France and India.

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Following CERATIZIT's acquisition of a 50 percent stake in Taiwanese carbide manufacturer CB-Carbide back in 2010, the CB-CERATIZIT joint venture has tapped into the Asian market in particular.

Now the second largest carbide manufacturer in China and Taiwan, CB-CERATIZIT employs more than 1,700 people at 7 production sites and 14 sales subsidiaries. CB-CERATIZIT is specialized in the production of carbide rods, industrial wear parts, high-quality cutting tools and solutions for wood and stone working.

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Logo Promax Tools

In 2014 CERATIZIT strengthened its market position in the US by acquiring an 80 percent stake in Californian tools manufacturer PROMAX Tools.

PROMAX Tools is a leading producer of solid carbide drills and end mills and counts the Californian aerospace industry and national trade enterprises among its client base. The Rancho Cordova site employs more than 80 people on a production area measuring 3,345 m².

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In 2015 CERATIZIT acquired the German manufacturer of solid carbide cutting tools KLENK GmbH & Co. KG and thereby augmented its product portfolio with customized solutions for solid carbide round tools.

KLENK has been manufacturing carbide cutting tools since 1959 and counts 120 employees at its site in Balzheim, Germany. The solid carbide tool manufacturer makes over 85 percent of its turnover with special tools for drilling, countersinking, reaming and milling as well as regrinding and diamond-coated tools. These tool solutions are used in the machining of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, titanium and aluminum alloys or steels for the aerospace, automotive and medical technology industries.

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Cobra Carbide India

Later in 2015, CERATIZIT announced the acquisition of 67% of the Indian manufacturer of solid carbide tools, Cobra Carbide India Pvt Ltd.

Cobra Carbide India Pvt Ltd is a premium solid carbide tools manufacturing plant and is located in Bangalore, 500 m from our CERATIZIT plant. It is housed in a 65,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility and employs currently about 45 employees.

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