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Limitless opportunities for profiling tools

Premium quality

Our customers appreciate the premium quality and long tool life of our blanks for profiling. We have been the exclusive supply and development partner to market leaders in the tool manufacturing industry for many decades now.

Comprehensive range

We offer you a blank for every application – our comprehensive assortment consists of various different product types, with many carbide grades and geometries available. Whether you are looking for a standard product from stock or a customised solution, you can always count on us as your premium partner for blanks.


- Ready to use


Carbide properties:

- Wear resistance with high toughness: resulting in increased tool life, reduction in number of tool changes, reduced grinding and lower production costs.

- Resistant to corrosion: protection against chemical influences such as resin

- Resistant to oxidation: protection against thermal influences

- Resistant to abrasion: protection against mechanical wear

Thanks to our large selection, we can offer you the suitable grade for almost every application. For example, with our products you can machine the following materials:

- Particle boards (also with melamine coating)

- Medium and high-density fibreboard

- Hard and soft wood

- Composite materials

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