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High Dynamic Turning (HDT)

With High Dynamic Turning, HDT for short, and the dynamic FreeTurn turning tools, CERATIZIT is turning the conventional method of turning completely on its head. All familiar turning operations such as roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning can now
be completed using just one tool.

Click here for a video 'The Revolution in Turning'

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Variable approach angle

▲ Can be changed during machining

▲ Perfect chip control

▲ Adjustable feed rates

▲ Dynamic turning in all directions

▲ Pull and push cut



▲ Turning with just one tool

▲ Huge savings on tool types

▲ No tool changes = huge time savings

▲ Indexable inserts with up to three ISO geometries
can be used on one holder

▲ An indexable insert with multiple cutters can consist
of different point angles, flanging radii, chip breakers,
coatings and cutting materials and can be customised
for use.





▲ The main force occurring
(cutting force Fz) is directed through
the tool into the spindle

▲ Optimal force distribution



▲ Almost all workpiece contours can be machined

▲ 40 % higher feed rate value

▲ Up to 90 % fewer empty runs

▲ Adjustable feed rates during the process

▲ Improved surface quality thanks to ideal adjustment
of the approach angle

▲ The versatility of the FreeTurn means
fewer tool changes

▲ Fewer tool spaces required in the machine

Follow our video: A time comparison between conventional machining and the HDT. You’ll be amazed!