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CERASPIN – High quality ceramic components

CERASPIN is is a subsidiary of the CERATIZIT Group that is fully dedicated to the production of high quality ceramic wear parts. We use Silicon Nitride, the most exclusive ceramic material, to provide our customers with blanks tailored to their requirements as well as ground final products. Our solutions are suitable for all industries, including aerospace, energy, e-mobility, welding technology and general wear parts applications. For more than 25 years, we have been delivering customized premium ceramic solutions in close collaboration with our customers. By managing the entire production chain, from the raw material to the ready-to-use products, we guarantee the highest quality and best price-ratio.


▲ 1.200 articles

▲ 25 years experience

▲ European supply chain

▲ based in Luxembourg, Livange

A premium material – silicon nitride from CERASPIN

The perfect solution for you

Our ceramic solutions provide maximum flexibility. You decide the geometry and the dimensions; we provide the part. CERASPIN has mastered the production of hard materials, meaning that customers can benefit from many years of experience covering the entire value chain, from the raw materials right through to the finished part. All work is undertaken in accordance with EN 9100 and ISO:9001 certifications.

Why silicon nitride?

Next to carbide, ceramic is one of the most important hard materials. It is used for applications where conventional materials cannot achieve the required level of performance. As well as having a low density, ceramic is also mechanically resistant and has low thermal conductivity. Silicon nitride in particular impresses with its high level of resistance to thermal shock.


Range of products:

If you use premium products, then you know that your customer satisfaction is entirely dependent on the quality of your products. We at CERASPIN have this consideration at the forefront of our minds as we continuously develop bespoke ceramic solutions for a variety of different requirements.

Customers benefit from a product range covering a wide variety of industries as well as deeply specialised solutions. No two customers are alike, every product is different and processes vary. It is therefore crucial to have a range of products that we are confident is the very best on the market. Over 25 years of process expertise in ceramics – from raw materials to the end product – guarantees maximum product quality; comprehensive knowledge of material science means we can produce exactly the blank you need – and we are happy to grind it into the finished product too!


All-ceramic components

All-ceramic components can be manufactured up to a
maximum volume of 100 x 100 x 60 mm. We are happy to
manufacture larger components upon request.


Balls up to a diameter of 86 mm (3 ½'')
are considered a standard product. We are happy
to manufacture larger balls upon request.


All-ceramic rods

We can manufacture rods from all-ceramic up to a
maximum length of 250 mm.
The maximum diameter is 50 mm.
We are happy to manufacture special versions upon

Moulded parts

We are able to manufacture any and all moulded parts within the
limits of what is technically possible. Simply tell us
what you want to achieve, CERATIZIT will develop your component and manufacture it with
the lowest possible tolerances.
We are happy to produce special formats, sizes and dimensions
upon request.


Product properties:

▲ Silicon nitride is corrosion-resistant – even when exposed to aggressive media

▲ Optimum mechanical properties are guaranteed up to 1,200°C.

▲ This ceramic is incredibly hard – even at high temperatures.

▲ It continually impresses with the maximum possible damage tolerance.

▲ Outstanding friction behaviour is also guaranteed.

▲ A highly specific tensile strength means this material can take on any special challenges.

▲ The material impresses with its unique resistance to thermoshock.

▲ The thermal expansion is always very low.

▲ Si₃N₄ has a very low specific weight.

▲ The low density opens up a wide range of applications.


Wide variety of applications due to the properties of Si3N4, e.g.:

Rolling and plain bearings

Our grade of SNCB5 has been certified as a suitable rolling bearing material by the leading companies in the sector. New: SNCB5-AS (Aerospace).

Welding technology

The main application is induction welding on aluminium, copper, inox and titanium tubes. The outstanding wettability is also key here.

▲ Wear protection in mechanical and plant engineering

The variety of product applications ranges from protective strips and transport rollers to linings, where the low weight and low frictional resistance are a bonus.

Wire drawing and metal forming

The low level of wear and longer service life means that ceramic is perfect for use in the canning industry and as nozzles for spooled wires.

High temperature applications

The high temperature resistance (up to 1200°) and resistance to thermoshock (up to 700°) are crucial for high temperature applications as they significantly increase the service life in comparison to other materials.


The material has excellent wettability in comparison to aluminium and non-metal melts, leading to a reduction in slag deposits.

Powder technology

SNC1 inner linings for high-speed mills.

Food technology

Silicon nitride can be used for many different applications as our grades
are FDA approved.