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Team Cutting Tools from the CERATIZIT Group

The full-service provider in the machining sector


TEAM CUTTING TOOLS from the CERATIZIT Group are your machining experts and one of the world's leading providers of machining solutions.

The machining experts at the CERATIZIT Group are masters of the carbide production process, from the powder to the finished cutting tool. Not only does this allow special-purpose tools to be developed for customer-specific applications, but it also means a full range of industry-specific standard tools are held in stock and available immediately.

TEAM CUTTING TOOLS are experts at developing solutions, including the ability to analyse and optimise existing processes. And there is one thing that will never change – direct contact with the customer – thanks to a streamlined structure and personal contact.

  • Uniquely broad know-how in the field of machining
  • One of the largest product ranges on the market – from standard and semi-standard tools to special-purpose tools.
  • Best-in-class R&D, sales and customer service
  • Leading expertise in future technologies such as digitalisation and innovative production processes
  • Deep industry expertise based on many years of experience
  • All under one roof – the global CERATIZIT Group


Private Label

The ideal partner for sophisticated private label manufacturers

CERATIZIT stands for innovative products and solutions, unique expertise in powder metallurgy, the latest technologies as well as absolute reliability – and is therefore the ideal partner for your successful private label.




Complete Range of Cutting Tools

With more than 60,000 articles, Team Cutting Tools team is the full-service provider in the market and offers one of the most extensive ranges for the following applications:


Bore machining




Tool clamping

Workpiece clamping





Solid drilling and bore machining

High-precision drilling, reaming, countersinking and boring is our speciality. With a diverse range of drilling tools and our in-depth knowledge of bore machining, we always have the perfect solution for your requirements.


HSS drills

The range of HSS drilling tools leaves no-one without options. We stock twist drills with diameters from 0.15 mm, centre drilling, stepped drilling and counterboring tools with different coatings for universal application in all common lengths and diameter ratios.

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Solid carbide drills

Solid carbide high-performance drilling tools are the first choice for achieving outstanding performance in the drilling process. In addition to long service life, these tools stand out due to their versatility, reliable chip evacuation and excellent self-centring. We also supply special tools for all material groups and to minimise machining time.

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Indexable insert drills

Exceptionally cost-effective and efficient: Indexable insert drills achieve the very best results when machining large bore diameters. High cutting data, maximum chip volumes and universal application options increase your productivity many times over. 

Buy indexable insert drills from the Team Tools Cutting online shop








Our comprehensive product range includes reamers and countersinks that are suitable for universal application in all materials. From standard products to high-performance tools for customers with exacting requirements in terms of radial run-out accuracy, our product range is sure to have the ideal tool for your application.

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Spindle tools

We recommend our spindle tools for hole production with demanding requirements on dimensional and positional accuracy. As experts in efficient bore machining, we can offer a wide range of spindle tools of the highest quality.

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The varied range of taps and thread formers covers all areas of application. Whether you are looking for taps, thread formers, circular and thread milling cutters or thread turning tools, you are sure to find the perfect tool for your needs in our product range.


Taps and thread formers

Whether you are machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron or non-ferrous metals, our high-quality taps will allow you to create perfect internal threads, time and time again. We also offer a wide range of thread formers for manufacturing heavy-duty internal threads using non-cutting methods. Our varied product range is sure to impress.

Buy taps and thread formers from the Team Cutting Tools online shop





Circular and thread milling cutters

Whether for small batch sizes with large threads or to reduce machining times in batch production, our wide range of circular and thread milling cutters, which are available as solid or modular, are sure to boost your production.

Buy circular and thread milling cutters from the Team Cutting Tools online shop







Thread turning tools

As a specialist in thread manufacturing, we offer a wide range of thread turning tools, for use on conventional and CNC machines. No matter what the application, our thread turning tools will ensure that you always have the chip under control.

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Innovative, revolutionary and effective – our turning products are underpinned by many years of experience in the development and production of carbide tools.



Turning tools

You can rely on our range of turning tools. State-of-the-art coating technology means that every indexable insert is an expert in its field. The innovative tool holders also ensure excellent stability and security for successful turning.

Buy turning tools from the Team Cutting Tools online shop



EcoCut and EcoCut ProfileMaster

Drilling into solid material, turning and grooving with a single system. Just one tool covers multiple applications with the multi-purpose tools, saving you valuable time and money.

Buy EcoCut and ProfileMaster tools from the Team Cutting Tools online shop







Grooving tools

Be in control with our grooving tools. The outstanding stability of the tool makes even difficult grooving tasks with unpredictable chip control or high temperatures easy to accomplish.

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Miniature turning tools


A wide range of products for the smallest workpieces. Our miniature turning tools provide outstanding efficiency and maximum performance when machining profiles at small diameters.

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Sliding head lathe tools

As a tool specialist for sliding head tooling, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of products. We are sure to have the perfect tooling solution for your needs, so you can instantly get started with your sliding head tooling application.

Buy sliding head lathe tools from the Team Cutting Tools online shop







High Dynamic Turning & FreeTurn

With our newly-developed turning process High Dynamic Turning, HDT for short, and the dynamic FreeTurn turning tools, we are turning the conventional method of turning completely on its head. All familiar turning operations such as roughing, finishing, contour turning, facing and longitudinal turning can now be completed using just one tool.

Read more and buy FreeTurn Tools from the Team Cutting Tools online shop



The Team Cutting Tools offers a comprehensive range of milling tools – from HSS milling cutters for standard applications to solid carbide high performance tools, we have everything you need to perfect your milling process.




HSS milling cutters

Our range of products includes HSS milling cutters for all common applications. These are available as uncoated or high-quality coated HSS milling cutters, which permit extremely high feeds and cutting speeds. Milling tools made from powder metallurgically produced HSS are also available for the most demanding applications, while providing extended tool life.

Buy HSS milling cutters from the Team Cutting Tools online shop


Solid carbide milling cutters

Our solid carbide milling tools ensure you always produce a quality component. As well as all standard tool types, we also stock a number of special milling cutters and special tools for high-performance machining of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Buy solid carbide milling cutters from the Team Cutting Tools online shop







Milling tools with indexable inserts

Our high-quality milling tools with indexable inserts will ensure that you are perfectly equipped to take on all possible milling operations, such as face, shoulder or high-feed milling. A range of systems for die production are the perfect addition to the comprehensive product portfolio.

Buy indexable insert milling cutters from the Team Cutting Tools online shop






Exchangeable head system

Want to reduce your costs and find an alternative to solid tools? Then our exchangeable head systems are the perfect solution for you! These systems are stable, have very high radial run-out accuracy and offer maximum flexibility as there is an exchangeable head to suit almost every application.

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Tool clamping

We offer the perfect adapter for every application, no matter how specific, with reliability guaranteed.



Rotating adapters

Reliability, radial run-out accuracy, repeatability and vibration damping – we have the perfect clamping solution for every rotating tool, whether for traditional standard applications or high-speed machining.

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Static adapters

Whether VDI, HSK-T or PSC, our extensive standard range for static tool holders and driven tools on turning machines fulfils all and every requirement. Our manufacturing expertise means that we are even able to produce custom solutions for special applications.

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Workpiece clamping

Everything from a single source –and perfectly clamped! We are a reliable partner for workpiece clamping and offer effective clamping systems for a wide range of applications.


Single Vice

Our extremely effective clamping systems offer huge potential in terms of reducing set up times. High precision and repeatability with optimum force amplification set these systems apart from the rest.

Buy a single vice from the Team Cutting Tools online shop



Centric Vice

Our centric vices are suitable for workpiece automation in your production processes as they offer high process security, universal application options and very good accessibility to the workpiece for the tool. 

Buy a centric vice from the Team Cutting Tools online shop







Multiple Vice

Reduced set up times, multifunctional application and efficient use of the machine table – multiple vices increase your machine uptime and play a critical role in optimising production processes.

Buy a multiple vice from the Team Cutting Tools online shop







Clamping variants

When it comes to increasing machine capacities and reducing set up times to a minimum, zero point clamping systems are the perfect solution. These clamping variants have been proven to speed up manufacturing processes while maintaining outstanding precision and process security.

Buy zero point clamping systems from the Team Cutting Tools online shop




In addition to the comprehensive standard ranges, the Team Cutting Tools also supplies customer-specific special tool solutions. Find out more here: cuttingtools.ceratizit.com

Solutions for industry-specific applications and tailored solutions

Every sector has its own specific requirements. Tools and materials are expected to offer maximum cutting performance, wear resistance, precision and quality – from large-scale production to the manufacture of single parts. This applies to the machining of aluminium alloys, cast materials and high-alloy steel as well as super alloys and titanium. As such, almost every sector of industry is affected – from the automotive and heavy duty machining sectors to aerospace and energy technology.

As the leading supplier of solutions for numerous industry-specific applications, Team Cutting Tools draws upon a wide range of expertise to offer you first-class advice and support.

Whatever you need, we will work with you to find a successful, innovative solution to optimise your production process.





Tool + service = solution

Team Cutting Tools boasts many years of experience in developing innovative tool solutions and can draw on extensive technical know-how. This expertise and other first-class services make Team Cutting Tools an industry-leading supplier for your complete machining solution.

Services at a glance:


Technical training



Tool data always at your fingertips

Cutting data and CAD models to support day-to-day operations






Turning old into new

Regrinding, not replacing




We come full circle

Our recycling service



Intelligent machines

Industry 4.0 with ToolScope




Competent advice also available on call

Application engineers with extensive expertise




Stock around the clock!

Tool supply 24/7







From single items to large orders!

No minimum order quantities




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