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Whether inserts or solid carbide tools – our cutting materials are distinguished by maximum tool life and process security. In order to be able to achieve efficient machining results, the cutting materials have to be optimised to the application and suitable for the material to be worked.


Our cutting materials are composed of carbide that consists of the hard material, tungsten carbide, and a metal binder, cobalt. Typically, the tungsten carbide grains are from one half to several micrometres (μm) across and the cobalt fills the space in between. Depending on the composition and structure of the substrate, the cutting material will exhibit differing properties, which in turn have a direct impact on machining performance: the cobalt content and grain size determine hardness (= wear resistance), transverse rupture strength, or toughness:
According to the particular application, we also offer cutting tools made of cermet, a carbide based on TiC instead of WC and the binder Ni or Co. High hardness and heat resistance, a low tendency to adhesion, and a high chemical resistance set this material apart.

A particular guarantee worldwide for the quality of our cutting materials is our control and further development of the whole process: it begins with determining the composition of the powder, followed by preparing the powder, forming, sintering, grinding and coating all the way through to refining the surfaces.


Over 80% of our tools and inserts are coated using PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) or CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) methods in order to achieve an even higher wear resistance.

Over 40 years of know-how make us a pioneer in coating technology: in 1972, CERATIZIT introduced the world’s first CVD multi-layer coating, which was called GoldMaster - and became a sensation in the cutting tool industry.

A recent milestone is our extremely successful and innovative coating, COLORSTARTM: our inserts lasts up to twice as long in a variety of applications with this new type of coating. Success factors include, above all, high resistance to heat and a high toughness, which leads to stable cutting edges with minimal edge chipping.

Under the coloured coating, there is an innovative production technology: COLORSTARTM is composed of a multi-layered structure that has fine crystals, improving the mechanical properties. Another advantage is the reduced roughness of the layers, allowing the chips to be better evacuated. The newly developed layering structure, in combination with the newest of coating technologies, makes the insert appear green and red.

The right grade for every application

Thanks to our decades of experience and competence in developing new and diverse carbide grades, we have the appropriate grade for your application: as a whole, we are able to draw upon our multiplicity of standard grades, which of course are continuously being optimised to meet the increasing machining requirements and the latest technological possibilities.


BLACKSTARTM and SILVERSTARTM set the new standards for milling grades – from CERATIZIT