The combination of all features offered by the MaxiMill 491 milling system is unique

We have expanded our product range to feature a milling system with eight usable cutting edges. For 90° shoulder milling, the tool combines maximum performance with best quality, easy usage and excellent economic efficiency.



With the #maximill491, new avenues have been explored technologically, now making shoulder milling easy. The new insert seat design enables the insert to be changed quickly, even inside the machine. Benefit from extremely easy handling in the future when shoulder milling. Any questions? We are happy to consult you.

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One of the important arguments in favour of our new MaxiMill 491 shoulder milling system is its excellent efficiency. In this context an important contribution comes from our precision inserts with eight cutting edges. In addition, as the system is suitable for both roughing and finishing, tool changing times can be reduced.

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Our inserts produced with tolerance H guarantee outstanding axial and radial run-out, long tool life and high-quality surfaces. The tools with irregular pitch and perfectly adapted approach angles reduce vibration, ensuring a smooth cutting action combined with low power consumption. With MaxiMill 491, you will ultimately achieve high performance along with excellent quality.

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MaxiMill 491 was launched in size 12 mm, with a nominal diameter range from 32 to 160 mm and a corner radius of 0.8 mm. The range has already been extended by the addition of corner radii measuring 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm and 2.0 mm. The new 9mm insert size now brings even more flexibility for all applications. Thanks to the smaller size, more inserts can be mounted in the tools, thus achieving even longer tool life and higher chip removal rates. Power consumption is also reduced significantly while the tool remains the same. This makes the new system size particularly suitable for machines with lower power.

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