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Take off with CERATIZIT

Detailed studies and many years of collaboration with numerous customers in the aerospace industry, as well as leading institutions and universities, has made us a recognised provider of reliable tooling solutions for these sophisticated industry sectors. Instead of machining single components, we focus on the complete machining of various aircraft components. We do not just sell products, but rather concentrate ourselves on the comprehensive optimisation of production processes. To this end, selection of the right insert, the correct combination of tools and their optimal application plays a critical part.

Our expertise is in the complete machining of fuselage and wing structural components such as frames and ribs, engine mounts and flap track fairings made from high-strength materials. Especially heat-resistant materials such as titanium or super alloys are employed here in the latest aeroplane generation. These materials are usually considered difficult to machine due to their low thermal conductivity, high strength, high hardness as well as chemical reactivity. Specifically for these great requirements of the aerospace industry, we offer high-performance tools and exceptionally wear-resistant, yet tough and heat-resistant grades.

Furthermore, components made from aluminium are also often used. With the milling systems MaxiMill HSC and HPC, CERATIZIT will also provide the right tooling system for your application here.

  • MaxiMill HSC/HPC

    MaxiMill HSC/HPC

    The MaxiMill HSC/HPC was developed for high speed machining with maximal cutting parameters. The constant rake angle ensures optimal chip formation up to the maximum depth of cut.

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  • MaxiMill 211

    MaxiMill 211

    90° face milling system for roughing and universal applications

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  • Solid carbide cutters for titanium

    Solid carbide cutters for titanium

    The tool geometries are specifically adapted for the machining of titanium and titanium alloys reducing resonant oscillation thus minimising vibration and enhancing the quality of the component.

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  • Solid carbide cutters for aluminium

    Solid carbide cutters for aluminium

    Thanks to their optimised geometries, our solid carbide milling cutters are suitable for the high-speed machining of aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

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  • Solid carbide cutters for composite materials

    Solid carbide cutters for composite materials

    Our product range includes tooling with diverse cutting edge geometries, either uncoated or with diamond or DLC coating.

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