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Engine milling for the aerospace industry

Fly high with CERATIZIT

With today's increasing globalisation, it's no longer possible to ignore the aeroplane as a form of transportation. Alongside its unsurpassed speeds, the aeroplane provides a level of security and dependability that is rarely reached by any other form of transportation. At the same time, demands to minimise emissions and to reduce fuel consumption are growing – with simultaneous attempts at reducing production costs. All of these challenges are mastered in qualitative and innovative engine machining – for which we are ready and willing to stand by your side anytime as a trustworthy and knowledgeable partner.

Thanks to collaboration with leading engine manufacturers, CERATIZIT has been expanding upon its expertise in cutting and machining of engine components for years now.

Modern aircraft are normally propelled by jet engines. These engines generate propulsion by compressing ambient air in the combustion chambers and igniting it with kerosene fuel, whereupon it is powerfully accelerated through a thrust nozzle and shot out in the direction opposite of the flight path. 

Both titanium materials and super alloys are used in jet engines. In the cold area, the thermal stability of the titanium alloys is sufficient, whereas for the hot area, heat-resistant materials are required. Important components include, among others, turbine housing, rings, disks, turbine blades, blisks and impellers.

Turning operations are the norm in most of the engine components. However, the milling operations that are applied in this field, e.g. simultaneous multi-axial mill turning, are of extraordinary complexity.

  • MaxiMill 251-RS

    MaxiMill 251-RS

    Button insert milling cutter for blade and copy milling.
    The compact tool bodies with positive mounting position, in combination with our high-performance inserts, guarantees the lowest cutting forces and vibration. MaxiMill251-RS can even be used with machines with low spindle power.

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  • MaxiMill HFC

    MaxiMill HFC

    HFC achieves the highest cutting performance with small cuts. The rake angle of the insert is very low so that the cutting forces are in the direction of the spindle. Feed rates up to 3 mm per tooth are therefore possible.

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  • Solid carbide cutters

    Solid carbide cutters

    The tool geometries are specifically adapted for the machining of titanium and titanium alloys reducing resonant oscillation thus minimising vibration and enhancing the quality of the component.

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