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High-performance machining of complex landing gear components

Precision landing: with CERATIZIT, there’s always the right solution for your landing gear components

Detailed studies and many years of collaboration with numerous customers in the aerospace industry, as well as leading institutions and universities, have made us a recognised provider of reliable tooling solutions for these sophisticated industry sectors. Instead of machining single components, we focus on the complete machining of various aeroplane components. We do not just sell products, but rather concentrate ourselves on the comprehensive optimisation of production processes. To this end, selection of the right insert, the correct combination of tools and their optimal application plays a critical part.

The landing gear, one of the larger components of the aircraft, serves to manoeuvre during take-off, landing and taxiing. In its supporting parts, the landing gear holds the entire weight of the aircraft with passengers and freight on the ground. This means it has to absorb and transfer all the dynamic forces, shock and stress into the ground, especially when landing.
For these enormous, volume-specific types of stress there are two materials which may be employed: super high-strength steels and titanium alloys, with the alloy proportion steadily increasing.

The landing gear consists of a variety of individual parts, which are machined with turning, drilling and milling operations: for example, this is how holes become incorporated and how pockets, dowel holes and location faces are produced.

  • MaxiMill 251-RS

    MaxiMill 251-RS

    Button insert milling cutter for blade and copy milling.
    The compact tool bodies with positive mounting position, in combination with our high-performance inserts, guarantees the lowest cutting forces and vibration. MaxiMill251-RS can even be used with machines with low spindle power.

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  • MaxiMill HFC

    MaxiMill HFC

    HFC achieves the highest cutting performance with small cuts. The rake angle of the insert is very low so that the cutting forces are in the direction of the spindle. Feed rates up to 3 mm per tooth are therefore possible.

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  • MaxiDrill 900

    MaxiDrill 900

    The tool body defies the tremendous stress of high-feed-drilling and its stable construction offers perfect drilling quality even with high cutting parameters. Moreover, the asymmetric chip flute design ensures ideal chip evacuation.

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