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Turning and drilling of aluminium wheels for cars and trucks

CERATIZIT – your system provider for aluminium wheel machining

About 68 million cars were produced around the world in 2013. This demonstrates continuing growth in the automotive sector, a trend, which is expected to be maintained in the future.

Next to economic conditions, a strong and reliable business partner is crucial to the success of your company.

Because we are a full-service provider in the segment of aluminium wheel machining, we offer know-how collected over decades, international presence in the market, a comprehensive product portfolio (metric/inch), as well as extensive OEM expertise.

Therefore, we can help you:

  • increase your profitability,
  • reduce your production costs per unit, and
  • enhance the efficiency of your production.


For every process, the optimal tool is essential – whether interior or exterior profiles, valve or bolt holes – aluminium wheels on cars, trucks and even airplanes can be machined with precision. Our comprehensive product portfolio spans from reliable standard tools for turning and drilling through to customised tooling solutions. On top of that, you will, of course, receive a competent consultation tailored to your individual needs, free of cost.

We continuously invest in the development of new cutting materials for machining aluminium wheels. Depending on the component and application, our experts recommend inserts made from coated and uncoated carbide or polycrystalline diamond (PCD).

  • OvalFlex


    OvalFlex is a modular tooling system for the entire process of machining aluminium wheels. Depending on the respective insert, the operator can machine both interior and exterior profiles, location faces, hub profiles, and visible surfaces. In addition, OvalFlex can be easily adapted to every kind of rim. OvalFlex is available for online order right now.

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