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Turning tools for the external and internal machining of brake systems

Not about to brake: the tools from CRATIZIT for the automotive industry

About 100 years ago, the first car rolled off of the production line; up until today, the industrial mass production in the automotive sector is the measure of all things: here, quality and delivery control of parts has the topmost priority at simultaneously low costs and maximum productivity.

As a partner of many leading automobile manufacturers, we know exactly what these requirements are. We offer our customers first-class tooling systems, the most modern machining solutions and thereby support you in improving your competitive edge.

With us, you will find a partner, who is specialised in the most economical external and internal machining of brake systems, brake drums, separate brake disks, and brake calipers for cars and trucks.

Our competence lies, above all, in the development of high-performance cutting materials: our spectrum for high-performance turning contains all relevant cutting materials from in-house production – from classic carbide to ultra-hard cubic boron nitride. In the automotive industry, the efficiency of the CTBK103 grade is particularly convincing: as a solid CBN solution, compared to inserts made from ceramic or segmented CBN, it reaches 2-3x higher cutting speeds.

Our silicon aluminium-oxide nitride grade CTI3105 is also characterised by its outstanding performance – and is considered even today the hardest SiAlON grade on the market. 

  • Machining of brake discs

    Machining of brake discs

    CERATIZIT develops and produces high-performance cutting materials for the turning of cast iron, for the machining of brake discs and similar components.

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  • C-Clamp - the FIRST solid carbide claw!

    C-Clamp - the FIRST solid carbide claw!

    C-Clamp is a carbide claw with extremely high wear resistance and anti-vibration characteristics: machining more than 200,000 brake systems without wear at high cutting speeds and feed rates is possible. C-Clamp is thus able to reach a tool life that is more than 100 times longer than that of claws made from steel. C-Clamp is available for online order right now.

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  • CX24 grooving system for brake discs

    CX24 grooving system for brake discs

    Turning or plunging the compensating groove on the brake disc is an important and demanding machining process which requires an extremely stable tool to guarantee process security.

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