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High process security, the best surface quality and maximum removal rates

During peeling operations, bars from various steel materials are given their required surface quality, dimensional accuracy and roundness. For all material classes and diameter ranges, as well as cylindrical and tapered machining, we offer numerous insert styles in a variety of geometries and carbide grades, customised tools and comprehensive solutions for improvements to both quality and productivity.

The continuous development of production technologies is one of CERATIZIT's highest priorities: for example, the new COLORSTARTM coating is made up of a multilayer aluminium oxide structure, exhibiting very fine crystals and making the colour of the inserts appear green and red.

On the one hand, improved mechanical properties are achieved thanks to this fine, crystalline structure, while on the other hand, reducing the overall roughness of the layer, resulting in an optimal chip evacuation. This in turn reduces frictional contact and causes minimal heating of the cutting material.

The principal uses of CERATIZIT peeling tools are in bright steel production, the bar end machining, bar and wire peeling from the coil, internal peeling and conical peeling, for example in spring production. In the manufacturing process work pieces (in many cases rough forged, but also rolled or drawn) are machined to produce a bright smooth surface while eliminating ruptures caused during the forging and rolling process. This heavy machining process is seen particularly challenging for the tools and machines.

Our COLORSTARTM grades, newly developed for the peeling process, are particularly robust in this regard and, thanks to their special layer structure, feature a perfect protective function for the cutting edge against micro-cracks and spalling. On top of this, they also exhibit the usual excellent physical properties such as high toughness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and temperature and chemical resistance.

Machine-specific peeling heads with the associated spare parts for all diameter ranges and  machine types as well as standard tools like tool holders and cartridges, guide elements or clamping and small parts complete our product range.