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Market-leading performance on difficult materials

Many years of intensive collaboration with leading manufacturers of steam, gas, and water turbines, as well as OEM partnerships with leading machine manufacturers, has made us a competent and reliable supplier of innovative cutting tool solutions in this industry.

Our sales and technical engineers are available around the world. It is our goal to offer economical tooling technology for your machining processes. In short: we offer the turbine industry tools and the respective know-how that goes with them, as well as consultation from our experienced technical engineers, in order to further increase productivity.

Turbines – whether gas, steam, or water turbines – are subject to ever increasing requirements with regards to security, efficiency, service life, environmental friendliness, and profitability. As a result of these requirements, modern power-plant turbines have to withstand extreme physical conditions, such as increased pressures, temperatures and rotational speeds.

In modern power-plant turbines, stainless steel, as well as titanium and super alloys, are often the materials used – a real challenge for cutting tools! With our tested MaxiMill 251, 252, and 274, you are perfectly equipped for process security and precision when machining turbine casing and blades: whether roughing the head or root rhombus, multi-axial rough milling of the blade, or the most delicate finishing – process security and efficiency are ensured, when machining turbine parts with our tools.

  • MaxiMill 251-RS

    MaxiMill 251-RS

    Button insert milling cutter for blade and copy milling.
    The compact tool bodies with positive mounting position, in combination with our high-performance inserts, guarantees the lowest cutting forces and vibration. MaxiMill251-RS can even be used with machines with low spindle power.

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  • MaxiMill 252

    MaxiMill 252

    Double-sided button insert milling cutter for the machining of the rhombic blade.
    Double the number of cutting edges for doubled efficiency.
    Stable and compact milling system with optimised chip flute, even for long-chipping materials.

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  • MaxiMill 274

    MaxiMill 274

    45° cutter for finishing the blade root and head.
    Low power consumption, reduced vibration, excellent surfaces.

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  • Solid carbide cutters for titanium

    Solid carbide cutters for titanium

    The tool geometries are specifically adapted for the machining of titanium and titanium alloys reducing resonant oscillation thus minimising vibration and enhancing the quality of the component.

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  • Solid carbide cutters for stainless steel

    Solid carbide cutters for stainless steel

    The geometries and grades of our solid carbide milling cutters are specifically adapted to the requirements of machining stainless steels and heat-resistant materials - this enables you to achieve optimal results.

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  • MaxiDrill 900

    MaxiDrill 900

    The tool body defies the tremendous stress of high-feed-drilling and its stable construction offers perfect drilling quality even with high cutting parameters. Moreover, the asymmetric chip flute design ensures ideal chip evacuation.

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