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CERATIZIT - Your Partner For the Railway Industry

Quality and security on the track

Due to the rising need for the transport of people and goods, the rail sector is an ever more important factor in the success of a region. Thousands of kilometres on the most varying routes with heavy loads put enormous stress on the wheels of a train and the rate of wear is just as extreme. Just like with every technical system, the service life of trains depends considerably on their maintenance. With high-speed trains, particular attention is paid to the surface quality of the wheels, as these high comfort trains should provide the smoothest possible ride on long-distance journeys. With us as your partner, that’s no problem: since the mid-60’s, we have delivered cutting tools for the production and reworking of wheels and continued to successively develop them to the requirements of our customers.

For high-quality high-speed solutions with the highest possible security, the railway industry requires a reliable partner like CERATIZIT: we offer the most modern solutions for cutting material and tool holders from our comprehensive standard range for all areas of the railway industry. By maintaining close working relationships with the manufacturers of machines and of components in this sector, we make sure that our tooling range precisely meets the requirements.

  • Process secure clamping system

    Process secure clamping system

    CERATIZIT offers tool holders with shank options to suit all common adaptors, such as PSC (Capto™), HSK-T, UTS and square-section shank. The additional clamp over a special clamping claw with an indexing system, suiting the PCMX insert geometries –R23, -R53, -R83, reduces vibration and turning of the insert during machining processes, in turn lowering the number of times an insert breaks, while increasing process security. 

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