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Versatile & long-lasting

Wear-resistant & tough:

Our carbide grades for the turning of cast iron are especially resistant to wear and still exhibit high toughness. Thanks to this you profit from high cutting parameters and process security, even with interrupted cuts.

Suitable for universal application:

Whether for roughing, finishing or medium machining: we offer you inserts for the machining of all cast iron materials.


Grade CTCK120 is our all-rounder’ for cast iron machining, covering the K20 ISO application range. It convinces by means of high process security with consistent surface quality on the component. Its aluminium oxide layer is optimally tied to the base layer, especially also in case of an interrupted cut.

Composition: Co 6.0%; TaC 2.0%; WC balance

Grain size: 1 μm

Hardness: HV 1630

Coating specification: CVD TiCN-AI2O3


The CTCK110 grade is our high-performance grade for cast iron machining. This extremely wear-resistant grade for the K10 ISO application range is used when cast iron is machined at high cutting parameters. The prerequisites for this type of machining are a continuous cut and a stable machining situation.

Composition: Co 5.0%; mixed carbides 2.0%; WC balance

Grain size: submicron

Hardness: HV 1810

Coating specification: CVD TiCN-AI2O3

  • Geometry -M70:

    - More effective clamping with MaxiLock D

    - Smooth chip forming area – uniform swarf evacuation

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