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High-performance drills made of solid carbide

Stable processes and long tool life

High-performance drills with a universal application and material specialisation guarantee the longest tool life possible, narrow production tolerances, consistent performance and stable processes. For this, we rely on the latest tool technology and high-performance substrates.

For all materials

We offer a comprehensive solid carbide drill programme for universal applications as well as for the machining of steel, stainless steel, titanium and composites.

- Diameter range 1 mm – 20 mm

- Drilling depths from 3xD to 12xD

- Types with point angles 118°, 135° and 140°

- Tools with and without through coolant


- Machining steel

- Constructional steel

- Spring steel

- Cementation steel

- Nitriding steel

- Tempered steel

- Tool steel

- Cast steel (conventional, grey cast iron (GG), spheroidal cast iron (GGG), white & black malleable cast iron)


- Machining steel

- Constructional steel

- Cementation steel

- Nitriding steel

- Tempered steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast steel (conventional, stainless, grey cast iron (GG), spheroidal cast iron (GGG), white & black malleable cast iron)

- Titanium


- Machining steel

- Constructional steel

- Cementation steel

- Nitriding steel

- Tempered steel

- Tool steel

- Heat-resistant alloys

- Stainless steel

- Titanium

- Aluminium


- Thermoplastics

- Thermosetting plastics

- Sandwich

- Fibre reinforced plastics

The W0175 high-performance drill is considerably more wear-resistant than the competition's models.

When drilling a steel block it achieved nearly double the tool life.

Material: 1.2311

Cutting speed: 80 m/min

Feed rate: 0.14 mm

Drilling depth: 20.4 mm

Diameter: 6.8 mm

Tool life: + 94%

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