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As universal and proven as the material itself

The highest reliability

Our steel machining inserts distinguish themselves by their excellent cutting edge stability. This enables you to achieve great results every time.

Productive and economic

Thanks to the wear resistance of our carbides, the inserts achieve a long tool life; the insert geometry ensures high metal removal rates.

Versatile application

The inserts are suitable for a variety of different application fields – from low to high cutting speeds.


Wear-resistant grade for steel machining.

Composition: Co 5.8%; mixed carbides 6.4%; WC balance

Grain size: 1 - 2 μm

Hardness: HV 1550

Coating specification: CVD TiCN-AI2O3


The first choice for universal steel machining.

Composition: Co 7.0%; mixed carbides 8.0%; WC balance

Grain size: 1 - 2 µm

Hardness: HV 1450

Coating specification: CVD TiCN-AI2O3


The tough alternative for heavily interrupted cut.

Composition: Co 9.6%; mixed carbides 6.7%; WC balance

Grain size: 1 - 2 µm

Hardness: HV 1460

Coating specification: CVD TiCN - AI2O3 multi-layer


The uncoated cermet grade for the finish machining of hardened steel.

Composition: cermet Co/Ni 12.2%; WC 15.0%; TaNbC 10.0%; TiCN balance

Hardness: HV 1620


The uncoated cermet grade for fine finishing of steel.

Composition: Co/Ni 8.0%; WC 16.0%; TaNbC 10.0%; TiCN balance

Hardness: HV 1780


Cermet grade with sufficient toughness for finish machining at high cutting speeds.

Composition: Co/Ni 12.2%; WC 15.0%; TaNbC 10.0%; TiCN balance

Grain size: fine grain

Hardness: HV 1620

Coating specification: CVD TiCN-AI2O3 multi-layer

  • Geometry -M50:

    - Optimised cutting edge

    - Positive protective chamfer

  • Geometry -M70:

    - More effective clamping with MaxiLock D

    - Smooth chip forming area – uniform swarf evacuation

  • Geometry -R28:

    - For swarf control problems

    - For inconsistent cutting conditions and varying depths of cut

    - For low-strength materials

  • Geometry -R58:

    Universal geometry for almost all materials

    - Also for slightly interrupted cuts

    - Also applicable for unstable machining conditions, thanks to the low cutting force

  • Geometry -R88:

    - For large cut depths and high feed rates

    - Process security even for irregular forging and cast skin

    - 1st choice for severely interrupted cut

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