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Maximum power

Maximum depths of cut for high productivity

With depths of cut up to 8.4 mm and 8 effective cutting edges per insert, MaxiMill 271 achieves a very good metal removal rate at low cost per edge.

Economy + process security

The stable double-sided insert with positive clearance angle ensures very soft cutting action in virtually all materials. The optimised geometry and open chip pockets provide for best chip evacuation and maximum process security.

- 8 effective cutting edges

- Maximum depth of cut: 8.40 mm

- Positive double-sided insert

- Stable cutting edge

- Compact stable construction

- Tool coating

- MQL-optimised coolant hole

1 Face milling

2 Slot milling

3 Chamfering

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Heat-resistant alloys/titanium

Frequently applied in the following industries

- General mechanical engineering

- Automotive industry

- Wind power industry

- Medium rough machining

Typical components

- Machine base units

- Steel components

- Machine components

- Motor blocks

Work piece: differential axle made of spheroidal cast iron GGG40

Cutting parameters:

Tool: A271.125.R10-17

Insert: SAKU 1706ABSR-M50

Vc = 220 [m/min]

ap= 5-6 [mm]

fz = 0.22/tooth

Qty. per edge increased from 1 to 30 parts!

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