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High Performance Cutting – millling with PCD and CBN

Smooth cutting: low cutting forces with up to 25° rake angle

Due to the highly positive rake angle MaxiMill HPC works with very low cutting forces. Both, reduced component deformation and burr formation are the consequence while also flatness and tool life are improved.

Productive: minimum cycle times through HSC machining

Maximum metal removal rates as well as high feed rates and cutting speed combined with high surface quality - no problem with the milling system MaxiMill HPC!

Economic: process security, high quantities per cutting edge applying PCD

For this milling system we offer cutting materials made of PCD and CBN. In particular polycrystalline diamond represents an economic solution when machining light and non-ferrous metals, fibre composites and graphite.

Designed for HSC machining:

- Insert seat form balances centrifugal force

- High-tensile clamping screw

Single-use inserts:

- Easy handling

- Minimal logistics

- Reduced stock costs

  • HPC12:

    - Tool body made of steel

    - Quick tool setting thanks to user-friendly axial fine adjustment

    - Diameter range 40-600 mm

    - Internal coolant supply

  • HPC04:

    - Positive rake angle, also with small diameters

    - Diameter range 20-40 mm

1 Peripheral milling

2 Angled ramping & pocket milling

3 Axial & helical plunging

4 Trochoidal slot milling

5 Shoulder & face milling

6 Slot milling

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Cast iron

- Non-ferrous metals and non-metals

Successful application in the following industries:

- Automotive industry

- Mechanical engineering

Typical components:

- Motor blocks

- Cylinder heads

- Gear cases

- Gear caps

When is the use of this milling cutter particularly appropriate?

- Batch production

- High demands with regard to the surface finish of the work pieces

- Components made of light and non-ferrous metals, fibre composites or graphite (PCD)

- Finishing of cast iron and hard materials (CBN)

- On machining centres and transfer lines

- Long tool life required due to time-consuming tool changes and expensive machine down times

Work piece: cylinder head made of aluminium alloy ALSi10 mg (Cu)

- Tool: AHPC.168.75L.16-12 E-79680-0

- Insert: ZNHW 1205AOSL-0703 E-83188-0

- Carbide grade: CTD4205

Cutting parameters

- Vc = 2,650 [m/min]

- ap = 0.5 [mm]

- fz = 0.092 [mm]

The tool life has been increased by 25%.

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