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16 times face milling with one insert

Economic for a wide range of materials

16 cutting edges per insert guarantee maximum economy of the machining process. The milling cutter is for universal application and suitable for both roughing and finishing.

Stability and process security combined with low power consumption

The negative position of the insert and the positive clearance angle on two sides ensure stable and secure processes. At the same time MaxiMill 273 is characterised by low vibration and ensures clean work piece surfaces despite its low power consumption.

- 16 cutting edges per insert

- Positive cutting edge geometry

- Approach angle of 44.6°

- Wiper facet for very high surface quality at maximum 2.00 mm feed rate/revolution

1 Face milling

2 Slot milling

3 Chamfering

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Heat-resistant alloys/titanium

Work piece: assembly plate

Material: 40 CrMnNiMo 8-6-4 (1.2738)

Cutting speed: 200 m/min

Feed rate: 0.25 mm/tooth

Depth of cut: 2.00 mm

MaxiMill 273 has proved superior when rough machining an assembly plate. This milling system from CERATIZIT achieves higher surface quality of the work piece compared to competitors and increases the metal removal rate by 16%. Furthermore MaxiMill 273 produces more uniform chips.

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