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High speed cutting of light metals

Our aluminium milling system for the high speed sector

The MaxiMill HSC was developed for high speed machining with maximal cutting parameters. The constant rake angle ensures optimal chip formation up to the maximum depth of cut.

Maximum production and process security

The stabilising chamfer which is integrated into the main cutting edge guarantees high cutting edge stability. At high revolutions the positive locking of the insert ensures centrifugal force protection and thus a secure milling process.

- Very positive rake angle

- Low cutting forces

- Internal coolant supply, particularly suitable for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

1 Peripheral milling

2 Shoulder milling

3 Angled ramping

4 Axial & helical plunge milling

5 Pocket milling

6 Slot milling

7 Shoulder & face milling

When is the use of this milling cutter particularly appropriate?

Wherever light metals are cut, e.g. aluminium for civil aviation, in the automotive sector or for magnesium alloys in mechanical engineering

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