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90° face milling system for roughing and universal applications

Precise machining

The ‘notch’ provides additional stability when plunging (up to r 1.60 mm). Reduced machining noise without vibration is therefore largely guaranteed.

High process security

Secure clamping thanks to Torx-Plus screw: the precise contact faces in combination with the TorxPlus clamping screw guarantee accurate positioning of the insert. In this way high work piece tolerances are achieved and excellent surface quality is guaranteed even with high metal removal rates.

  • Efficient chip evacuation thanks to FEM-optimised chip pockets

  • Highly positive position of the insert when mounted ensures reduced cutting noise

1 Peripheral milling

2 Shoulder milling

3 Angled ramping & pocket milling

4 Axial & helical plunging

5 Trochoidal slot milling

6 Slot milling

7 Shoulder & face milling

The milling system MaxiMill 211 can be used for universal application in a variety of fields:

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