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1st choice for steel machining

High metal removal rates

Thanks to the optimised cutting edge geometry, chip flute design and irregular helix, our solid carbide milling cutters for steel machining achieve high metal removal rates combined with reduced vibration and low cutting forces. As a result, the machine is only subject to minimal stress.

- End mills diameter range from 0.5 - 20 mm

- The irregular helix and pitch of the helix minimise vibration thus improving the surface quality of the component

- Available in various lengths - with or without reduced neck diameter - and a variety of cutting edge types (sharp, chamfered and ball nose cutters)

- Tools are available with various shank types

End mills

HPC-SF: irregular helix and pitch of the helix ensure reduced machining noise and vibration

End mills for Circular Power Cutting

The intelligent cutting path of the milling cutter with low radial depth of cut ensures that the cutting edge is under regularly distributed stress, which results in longer tool life.

Economic production of deep grooves also possible in materials with higher tensile strength

Rough milling cutters

Irregular helix and roughing profile on the peripheral cutting edge for increased metal removal rates

Operates with reduced cutting forces

Produces short chips

Also suitable for rough machining where Circular Power Cutting technology is applied

Micro mills

End mills in the diameter range from 0.5. - 2.0 mm in various lengths and cutting edge types available

High dimensional accuracy thanks to close tolerances

Suitable for the machining of steel materials up to a hardness of 55 HRC

High-precision finish milling cutters

Solid carbide milling cutters with a large number of teeth and a small back-taper on the peripheral cutting edge for finish milling

Tool overhang up to 6xD and substantial depth of cut possible

Particularly suitable for the following materials:

- Machining steel

- Constructional steel

- Cementation steel

- Nitriding steel

- Tempered steel

- Tool steel

- Stainless steel - only for rough milling cutters

- Spring steel - only for rough milling cutters

- Heat resistant alloys - only for high-precision finish milling cutters

- Cast iron (conventional cast iron, grey cast iron (GG), spheroidal cast iron (GGG), white/black malleable cast iron),  only end mills and high-precision finish milling cutters

HPC end mills W0452

Material: cold working steel 1.2379

Cutting parameters:

Vc = 180 [m/min]

fz =  0.07 [mm/rev]

d =   10 mm

ap = 10 mm (1xd)

ae = 8 mm

Lower cutting forces reduce tool wear and increase tool life by 50%.

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