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Maximum performance when machining composite materials

Great variety of products

Our product range includes tooling with diverse cutting edge geometries, either uncoated or with diamond or DLC coating. Simply choose the right tool for your individual application.

High component quality

The specially cross-pitched peripheral cutting edge reduces splintering of the component which simultaneously leads to improved component quality and less non-conforming products.

- Geometry of the peripheral cutting edges respectively adapted to the material: straight, cross-pitched or with chip breaker

- Uncoated tools or tools with various coating types

End mills

HPC-SF: irregular helix and pitch of the helix ensure reduced machining noise and low vibration for both roughing and finishing operations

Can be used for graphite and composite machining

Rough and finish milling cutters

Special geometry of the peripheral cutting edges provide smooth surfaces

For application on carbon-fibre reinforced and honeycomb materials

Solid carbide milling cutters for plastics

Special cross-pitch for the machining of glass-fibre reinforced plastics

Multiple milling cutters for plastics

Thanks to the geometry with 5 cutting edges in one tool splintering and delamination on the component is reduced

Single flute milling cutters, chamfer milling cutters and deburring cutters

The helically notched straight flute allows machining in unstable clamping situations where profiles of thin-walled components are machined and no axial forces must occur

Particularly suitable for the following materials:

- Fibre-reinforced plastics

- Sandwich materials

- Thermoplastics – only for single flute milling cutters

- Thermosetting plastics - only for plastics milling cutters

- Graphite – only HPC-SF

Cutting Tools
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Solid carbide tools
Milling / Drilling / Reaming
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