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Optimised for exotic materials

Reliable quality

The tool geometries are specifically adapted for the machining of titanium and titanium alloys reducing resonant oscillation thus minimising vibration and enhancing the quality of the component.

Long tool life

The carbide grades, optimised for the machining of titanium and heat-resistant materials guarantee reduced cutting forces and very good wear resistance which leads to considerably longer tool life.

- Irregular helix and pitch of the helix for increased metal removal rates

- End mills diameter range from 4.0 - 20 mm

- Available in various lengths - with or without reduced neck diameter - and a variety of cutting edge types (corner chamfer and corner radius) as well as diverse shank types available

End mills

HPC-SF: irregular helix and pitch of the helix for reduced noise and vibration during milling operation; available in various lengths

Torus end milling cutters

HPC-TF: irregular helix and pitch of the helix for minimal vibration, noise and high stability; various corner radii (0.2-6.3 mm) available

Particularly suitable for the following materials:

- Heat-resistant alloys

- Titanium

HPC milling cutters W0457

Material: Inconel 718, material number: 2.4668

Cutting parameters:

Vc = 50.3 [m/min]

fz = 0.03 [mm/rev]

ap = 3 mm

ae = 0.05 mm

By applying the HPC milling cutters from CERATIZIT, tool life was increased by 60% - also with improved surface quality!

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