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Specialists for depth

Quick processing times

The new drill geometries allow for process security in drilling, where the swarf can be removed without the need to peck. This shortens the cycle times and therefore reduces the cost per hole.

Minimal production costs

The high cutting performance enormously increases productivity in comparison to conventional deep-hole drilling with gun drills and reduces production costs.

- Diameter range of 2.00–12.00 mm

- Drilling depths up to 50 x D (universal deep hole drills) or 30 x D (aluminium deep hole drills)

- Point angle: 135°, 138°

- Through coolant

- Shank type HA   

- Extremely smooth tool surface

Universal deep hole drills

- Machining steels

- Constructional steel

- Cementation steel

- Nitriding steel

- Tempered steel

- Tool steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast steel (conventional, grey cast iron (GG), spheroidal cast iron (GGG), white & black malleable cast iron)

Aluminium deep hole drills

- Aluminium

- Copper

- Brass

- Bronze

The W1120 deep hole drill achieves an extremely precise hole at a speed of 140 m/min in a block of cast iron with a concentricity of less than 0.01 mm.

Material: GJS-400

Cutting speed: 140 m/min

Feed rate: 0.21 mm

Drilling depth: 120.00 mm

Diameter: 6.00 mm

Concentricity: < 0.01

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News & Press:

  • 09/19/2014

    AMB 2014: CERATIZIT presents cutting highlights under the new "Cutting Solutions" brand

    CERATIZIT is presenting the product highlights of the new "Cutting Solutions" competence brand at the AMB. The program includes the versatile MaxiDrill 900 drill, solid carbide twist drills for deep hole drilling and the completely revised multi-function tool EcoCut. CERATIZIT is also presenting the new milling grades.