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1 tool for 4 machining operations - Ø-range from 4 to 8 mm

Save costs and time

EcoCut Mini is suitable for the machining of internal and external profiles with diameters ranging from 4 to 8 mm. Using this tool will lead to considerably reduced costs for stock-keeping and tool acquisition as well as programming and set-up times.

Increase productivity

The solid carbide tool uses machine capacities more efficiently, thus saving on costs per work piece: fewer tool changes and longer tool life thanks to improved toughness and heat resistance, transverse rupture strength and resistance to edge chipping.

- Solid carbide tool

- Diameter range: 4-8 mm

- Available in lengths 2.25xD and 4.0xD

- Internal coolant supply

- 2 new carbide grades:

CTWN425 – uncoated and sharp, for aluminium and non-ferrous metals

CTPP435 – PVD-coated and particularly wear-resistant for all other materials

  • Drilling into solid material with flat bottom holes

  • Boring applications

  • Turning of face profiles

  • External turning applications

We recommend using EcoCut Mini for components with small internal diameters, for which tools with inserts cannot be applied.

The solid carbide programme EcoCut Mini is extremely successful in application with maximum demands regarding tolerances and surface quality.

Work piece: button made of material 1.4305

Cutting parameters:

Vc = 70 [m/min]

ap = 1 [mm]

f = 0,07 [mm/rev]

Tool life was increased by 1.250 % (from 800 to 10,000 parts).

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