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We specialise in producing cutting tools for very hard materials.

High-performing grades for hard materials

With an increase in cutting force by factor 10 and temperatures up to 500°C hard material machining makes particularly high demands on the cutting material. For dry machining of materials with a hardness of 50 to 62 HRC, we have developed a special carbide grade made of very fine tungsten carbide powder with a high cobalt content. In combination with the correct coating, clearly reduced wear and thus longer tool life is obtained as a result.

- Irregular helix and irregular pitch of the helix for increased metal removal rates

- End mills with a diameter range from 4 - 20 mm

- Available in various lengths - with or without reduced neck diameter - and a variety of cutting edge types (corner chamfer, corner radius and sharp) in addition to diverse shank types

End mills

Irregular helix and pitch of the helix for reduced noise and vibration during milling operation; available in various lengths

Stable tool geometry and larger chip flute guarantee high process security

Ball nose milling cutters

Closest tolerances for tool diameter and front radius - for accurate dimensions when copy milling and shoulder milling with larger corner radii

Torus end milling cutters

HPC-TF: irregular helix and pitch of the helix for minimal vibration and noise as well as high stability; various corner radii (0.5–2.0 mm) available

Finish milling cutters

Solid carbide milling cutters with a high number of teeth for finishing

For the machining of hardened steel up to 68 HRC

Finish milling cutters W0367

Material: cold working steel 1.2379

Cutting parameters:

Vc = 80 [m/min]

fz = 0.07 [mm/rev]

d = 10 mm

ap = 10 mm

ae = 0.2 mm

Lower cutting forces reduce tool wear and and increase tool life by 50%.

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