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High performance inserts for stainless steel


Our inserts for stainless steel machining are particularly resistant to flank wear. This makes high cutting speeds possible and you profit from increased productivity with minimal production times and costs – also at high temperatures.


With reduced built-up edge you can achieve maximum surface quality with our inserts as well as close tolerances on the work piece.


Good resistance to notching guarantees high process security. This reliability minimises your machine downtime.


The first choice for machining austenitic steel.

Composition: Co 9.6%; mixed carbides 7.8%; others 0.4%; WC balance

Grain size: 1 - 2 μm

Hardness: HV 1460

Coating specification: PVD TiAlTaN

  • Geometry -F30:

    - ‘The fine-cutting one’ for finish machining and light cuts

    - Sharp cutting edges for precise cuts and when excellent surface finish is required

    - Highly positive rake angles in case of swarf control problems and for work pieces with small quantities of material to be removed

  • Geometry -M30:

    - ‘The smooth-cutting one’ for medium machining

    - Sharp, positive cutting edges lead to less formation of burrs, high surface quality and low cutting forces.

    - Curved cutting edge for excellent swarf control, ideal for unstable machines

  • Geometry -M60:

    - ‘The universal one’ for medium to light roughing applications

    - Reinforced cutting edges result in process security even for irregular forging and cast skin, while also intended for interrupted cut.

    - Positive rake angle minimises built-up edge.

  • Geometry -M25:

    - ‘The smooth-cutting one’ for finishing and for medium applications

    - High surface quality: reduced vibration and minimal built-up edge provide for smooth surfaces

    - Swarf control: short chips are immediately evacuated and safeguard the cutting edges.

  • Geometry -M55:

    - ‘The universal one’ for medium applications all the way up to light roughing operations

    - Versatile application field: from light roughing operations up to the production of small parts in the field of medical systems and watch and clock industry

    - Stable cutting edge finish for high process security

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