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The all-rounders for universal application

Reduced diversity of types

As our solid carbide milling cutters are suitable for universal application and on a variety of materials, you will be able to benefit from higher flexibility.

High productivity and process security

Maximum performance combined with low vibration of the tools as the geometries are specifically designed for the various applications, irregular helix and pitch of the helix.

- End mills diameter range from 2-20 mm

- Available in various lengths - with or without reduced neck diameter - and a variety of cutting edge types (sharp, chamfered and radius)

- Tools with various shank types with and without internal coolant supply available

End mills

HPC2 end mills: irregular helix as well as both variable pitch of the helix and variable core diameter to achieve a high metal removal rate

HPC end mills: irregular helix and pitch of the helix ensure reduced machining noise and low vibration

End mills: regular helix and pitch of the helix for reduced cutting forces

Mini end mills: reduced cutting edge length and total length for maximum stability

End mills for Circular Power Cutting

The intelligent cutting path of the milling cutter with low radial depth of cut ensures that the cutting edge is under regularly distributed stress; as a result, longer tool life is obtained

Economic production of deep grooves also possible in materials with higher tensile strength

Rough milling cutters

Irregular helix and roughing profile on the peripheral cutting edge for increased metal removal rates, lower cutting forces and short chips

Ball nose milling cutters

End mills for copy milling and shoulder milling with large corner radii

Torus end milling cutters

HPC-TF: irregular helix and pitch of the helix for minimal vibration/noise and high stability

Milling cutters with various corner radii (0.1-4.0 mm) available

Deburring cutters

Various point angles available: 60°, 90° and 120°

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Non-ferrous metals and non-metals

- Heat-resistant alloys / titanium

- Hard materials

HPC milling cutter W0451

Material: stainless steel/1.4301

Cutting parameters:

Vc = 90 [m/min]

fz = 0.04 [mm/rev]

ap = 3 mm

As a result of the solid carbide milling cutters from CERATIZIT, machining costs were reduced by 20% whilst at the same time increasing efficiency.

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