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Our high-performance tool for solid drilling

Maximum productivity

The tool body defies the tremendous stress of high-feed-drilling and its stable construction offers perfect drilling quality even with high cutting parameters. Moreover, the asymmetric chip flute design ensures ideal chip evacuation.

Maximum performance thanks to the newest tooling technology

The tool’s controlled deviation makes holes without scoring caused by return movement possible, thereby safeguarding surfaces and cutting edges. Thanks to the tried and tested 'hard & tough' coating, the MaxiDrill 900 maintains an extremely long tool life.

Economic system solutions with patented inserts

Low cost with high productivity – with 4 cutting edges per insert, no problem! Both the peripheral and the central cutting edges are designed to have the same geometry, size, and grade, simplifying handling and reducing storage costs.

MaxiDrill 900 the tooling system for drilling into solid material is now available with diameters starting from 12mm and upon customer request even for diameters larger than 63mm.

- Diameter range from 12 to 63mm

- Available in lengths 2xD, 3xD, 4xD and 5xD

- Round shank according to ISO 9766

- Total of 211 standard items available

- Inch tools and diameters larger than 63mm available upon request

Maximum economic efficiency thanks to inserts with four usable cutting edges. The patented geometry provides for optimal radial force compensation, resulting in close tolerances and surface quality.


SILVERSTAR CTPP430: the PVD grade for a wider range of applications. As the optimal combination of toughness and wear resistance, this grade is suitable for application of a broad spectrum of materials.


BLACKSTAR CTCP420: CVD high-performance grade. Thanks to the TiCN/AI2O3 coating, the BLACKSTAR grade features especially high wear resistance and is optimally adapted for the machining of steel and cast iron materials. Optional: in combination with the new BLACKSTAR CTCP420 grade, the cutting speed can be increased by up to 30%.

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Non-ferrous metals and non-metals

- Heat-resistant alloys / titanium

  • Drilling with multiple clamped work

  • Producing a transverse through hole

  • Drilling of a convex surface

  • Drilling on a stepped surface

  • Drilling on inclined surfaces: the drill exits at an angle

  • Spot drilling in a bead or central hole

  • Drilling on a ridge

  • Drilling on uneven surfaces

  • Chain drilling


Drilling test at the customer's C900.3D.245.R.08/SONT 083308ER-M30 CTPP430

Work piece new wheel

Material 'Excellent' (customer specific) tempered 900-1.050 N/mm2

Cutting parameters MaxiDrill 900 with CTPP430

Cutting speed (m/min) 200

Rev number (rpm) 2,600

Feed rate [mm/rev.] 0.1

Conclusion: the feed rates could be increased by 33 %, and the tool life from 150 to 198 holes.

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