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Always securely clamped

Secure and precise positioning

The double clamping effect leaves the insert under tensile stress, for example when profiling, exactly in the set position. Even with heavy, interrupted cut, it will never tilt forward. MaxiLock D, in combination with Masterfinish cutting inserts, allow for maximum feed rates.

Lower packaging and storage volumes

A spare shim and screw are integrated into the tool holder, as well as a clamping key in the shank.

- Double clamping effect of the clamping element: 1st choice for working with negative  inserts with holes.

- Robust top clamp and optimised insert seat, so that clamping and precise positioning of the insert are possible despite adhesion and wear.

- Strengthened shim, clamped with screws

- Torx Plus®-System for better transmission in the moment of torque

- Claw, spring, and clamping screw (clamping element) = one spare part

- Integrated spare shim and screw, as well as a clamping key

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