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Button insert milling cutters for blade milling and profiling

Successful and productive in high performance cutting

The extremely robust and compact cutter body with positive mounting position in combination with the inserts produces minimum cutting forces and reduced vibration. This ensures that MaxiMill 251-RS can also be applied on machines with low spindle power. In particular the milling system shows excellent suitability for rough machining and difficult to machine materials.

Economic and manageable with numerous indexes

The button insert of the milling system MaxiMill 251-RS is provided with 4, 6 or 8 indexes. The differing indexes on the insert ensure the insert can be optimised for the depth of cut required.

- Stable and compact cutter body with very positive rake angles up to 18°

- Diameter range from 10–125 mm

- Inserts with 4, 6 or 8 indexes

- Inserts with positive clearance angle

- High performance grades

Carbide properties:

- Extremely heat-resistant

- Very tough

- Excellent resistance to notching

- CVD high performance coating with maximum hardness and smooth surface

1 Slot milling

2 Profile milling

3 Plunging

4 Angled ramping

5 Turn milling

6 Face milling

7 Reverse copy milling

Particularly suitable for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Heat-resistant alloys / titanium


- Aerospace

- General mechanical engineering

- Tool and die construction


Typical components

- Plastic moulds

- Steam, gas and water turbines

- Turbine blade and turbine root

- Engine components

- Structural components

When roughing a turbine blade the milling cutter MaxiMill 251-RS reduced costs and time for our customer:

Work piece: turbine blade

Material: 1.4923; X22CrMoV1-2

Cutting speed: 290 m/min

Feed rate: 0.32 mm/tooth

Depth of cut: 1.5 mm

The cutting speed was decreased by 22 % while the metal removal rate was increased by 20 %.

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