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The cassette milling cutter - in particular for large diameters

For a variety of applications

Thanks to the standardised fixtures all CERATIZIT milling cutters with inserts can be applied.

Economical when a large surface has to be milled

Thanks to the construction of the cartridge pocket, the cutter body is extremely well protected and consequently achieves long tool life. Should the insert seat be damaged when using the MaxiMill 260, only the cassette needs to be replaced, so the tool represents the most economic solution in case of large diameters.

- Both roughing and finishing inserts can be used in the A260 system

- The A260 has a range of 80.00 to 400.00 mm diameter

- Universal cutter body suitable for all CERATIZIT insert systems


The following systems can be used with MaxiMill 260:

· MaxiMill 211-11/15

· MaxiMill 270-09/12/15 + finishing inserts XDHW 0903/1204

· MaxiMill 251-12/16

· MaxiMill 273-06 + finishing insert XAHT

· MaxiMill 271-17

· MaxiMill 490-09/12

1 Peripheral milling

2 Face milling

3 Slot milling

4 Shoulder milling

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Non-ferrous metals and non-metals

- Heat-resistant alloys / titanium

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