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The shoulder milling cutter for every case

Versatile milling system

The approach angle of 90° makes MaxiMill 490 suitable for a variety of applications. Furthermore, it has a soft cutting action and, depending on the geometry, can be applied for roughing or finishing.

- 4 cutting edges

- 90° approach angle

- Tools with close and wide pitch

- Easy handling

1 Face milling

2 Slot milling

3 Shoulder milling

4 Angled ramping

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Non-ferrous metals and non-metals

- Heat-resistant alloys / titanium

- Hard materials

Work piece: cylinder block

Material: cast iron

Cutting speed: 200 m/min

Feed rate: 0.16 mm/tooth

Depth of cut: 2.00-3.00 mm

With MaxiMill 490 enables the customer to produce 250 motor blocks with one cutting edge. In this way tool life can be improved by 150% per insert. The tooling system has 4 cutting edges - compared with the competitors' tool with only 2 cutting edges.

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