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Shoulder milling system with 8 usable cutting edges per insert with exactly 90° approach angle

Best performance and quality

The MaxiMill 491 milling system produces an exact 90° profile with 8 usable cutting edges. The inserts receive a peripheral grinding and achieve very high surface quality together with excellent axial run-out and concentricity. The perfectly adapted chip flute guarantees optimum chip transport, while low power consumption of the spindle ensures reduced vibration during the milling process.

Economic efficiency

Thanks to both precise concentricity and axial run-out, and in combination with the exact 90° profile, tool changing times are reduced as both roughing and finishing can be carried out with a single tool.

Easy handling and use

Insert change quick and easy when mounted thanks to the self-adjusting insert in the seat, which can also be carried out inside the machine.

- The exact 90° profile with eight usable cutting edges per insert provides for exceptional economic efficiency.

- The positive approach angle in the insert seat reduces vibration during the milling process.

- The MaxiMill 491 milling system can be used for a variety of materials and applications. You can find more details in our latest catalogues.

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