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The superlative milling cutter

Maximum metal removal rate

HFC achieves the highest cutting performance with small cuts. The rake angle of the insert is very low so that the cutting forces are in the direction of the spindle. Feed rates up to 3 mm per tooth are therefore possible.

Maximum spindle protection

The light cutting geometry in combination with a compact and stable cutter body construction provides for smooth and vibration-reduced milling action while protecting the spindle.

- The tool diameters range from 16 to 100 mm

- Tools available with normal and close pitch

- Inserts in sizes 06, 09, 12 and 19

1 Face milling with max. fz = 3 mm/tooth

2 Helical plunging to produce deep pockets with maximum metal removal rates

3 Angled ramping to produce deep pockets with maximum metal removal rates

4 Slot milling

5 Plunge milling

Particularly suitable for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Heat-resistant alloys / titanium


- Tool and die construction

- Aerospace

- General mechanical engineering


Typical components:

- Pressing tools

- Machine beds

- Steam, gas and water turbines

- Turbine blade and turbine root

- Engine components

- Structural components

Work piece: forging die for a hub casing in hardened steel

Cutting parameters:

Tool: CHFC.32.R.02-12

Insert: XOLT 120410SR-M50

Vc = 121 [m/min]

ap = 0.7 [mm]

fz = 0.7 [mm/rev]

The machining time was reduced from 33 hours to 15 hours.

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