Drilling, turning, parting, and grooving with one tool


The ProfileMaster is excellently suited for profiles that are so complex that they can normally only be produced with the use of several tools.

Time and money saving alternative

The tool’s multi-functionality ensures a visible reduction in storage and investment expenses for tools and inserts, as well as in programming and set-up time. In addition, it helps free up valuable positions on the machine and minimise the need to change tools.

Optimal results

Thanks to the Masterfinish effect, the ProfileMaster produces an excellent surface finish in the shortest possible time. Flat bottom holes are guaranteed, due to the cutting edge’s mounting position.

  • - Available in 1.5 x D and 2.25 x D lengths

    - Helical chip pocket

    - Axial abutment face (only 2.25 x D)

  • - Combined insert seat

    - Produces a flat bottom hole

  • - Internal coolant supply for the insert and the general coolant stream

    - The Chipbooster prevents chips from getting stuck between the tool and work piece

Particularly suited for materials, such as:

- Steel

- Stainless steel

- Cast iron

- Heat-resistant alloys/titanium

Work piece: converter cover hub tempered with C35 - 1.0501

Cutting parameters:

PM 16LG 252004-M20 CTPP430

Vc= 110 [m/min]

ap= 0.3–2.2 [mm]

f = 0.08–0.15 [mm/rev]

Tool life increased by 100 % (from 150 to 300 parts)!

The surface test on material Ck60 (1.1331) with a standard boring bar (blue line) and ProfileMaster (pink line) demonstrates Masterfinish’s performance with regard to surface finish and machining speed.

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