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The all-rounder among the parting and grooving systems

Flexible and economic

Thanks to its tool holders and modules the parting, grooving and turning system GX may be flexibly combined and replaces numerous monoblock tools. GX can be applied for a wide range of parting and grooving processes.

Easily adaptable

The special design of the modules ensures that the system can easily and quickly be adapted for various parting and grooving applications.

- Modular parting and grooving system, block/blade solution, monoblock tool

- Insert with two cutting edges for parting and grooving widths from 0.6 to 8.0 mm and parting and grooving depths from 7 to 21mm

- Directly pressed and ground inserts

The GX tooling system is mainly applied for radial grooving and turning. Thanks to the various modules and parting and grooving inserts it can be used for a variety of applications:

- Radial and axial grooving

- External and internal parting and grooving

- Grooving

- Part-off

- Profile grooving

- Parting, grooving and turning

- Deep grooving

When parting and grooving an engine component made of case hardening steel the GX system achieved a 3 times higher quantity per cutting edge compared to the competitor.

Work piece: engine component

Material: 17MnCr5

Cutting speed: 157 m/min

Feed rate: 0.12 mm

Parting and grooving width: 5 mm

Parts: 3 times the quantity per cutting edge

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