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Carbide grades - Always the right solution for your application


Three product lines for carbide rods and selection of carbide grades

Based on your requirements and the desired price category, when it comes to tool production you can avail yourself of three different product lines for carbide rods. Utilise our s-line (Solid) to produce high-performing standard tools made of high-quality secondary raw materials. Our e-line (Economy) offers you in addition acknowledged industrial quality along with an excellent price-performance ratio. And then there is our p-line (Premium) for high-performance tools: this product line offers you the largest selection of carbide grades and finishes for maximum performance in every application area.

Large standard programme

Toolmaker Solutions by CERATIZIT offers one of the largest standard ranges of carbide rods. Choose from carbide grades with the most varied characteristics for every application area: from ultrafine carbide grades for the machining of super-hard materials, by way of micrograin carbide grades for universal application to cermet carbide grades for the finish machining of cast iron materials. Furthermore we provide you with an extensive range of products with or without coolant holes, in a variety of tolerances and dimensions.



For high-performance tools, the p-line provides you with the largest selection of carbide grades and finishes on offer. High performance is easily reached in any application field with these products.


Carbide grade descriptions p-line

Ultrafine carbide grades

CTU08L: ultrafine carbide grade with a typical grain size of 0.2 μm for the
machining of materials with a hardness > 65 HRC. Thanks to the high wear
resistance also excellent suitability for abrasive fibre composite materials.

TSF22: ultrafine carbide grade for HSC machining of tempered steels with
a hardness of > 60 HRC and abrasive aluminium alloys.

TSF44: ultrafine carbide grade for HSC machining of tempered steels up to 60 HRC that are also suitable for the production of micro- and finishing tools as well as a variety of materials.

Submicron carbide grades

CTS12D: submicron carbide grade for machining aluminium alloys, fibrereinforced plastics (carbon-fibre and glass-fibre reinforced), Composite materials, graphite; particularly suitable for diamond coating.

CTS15D: submicron carbide grade for machining grey cast iron, tempered cast iron, non alloyed steel, non ferrous metals and plastics.

CTS18D: special submicron carbide grade for high-performance machining of steel, stainless steel and the machining of difficult to machine materials, for example titanium or Inconel. Optimum toughness and very good wear resistance.

CTS20D: submicron carbide grade for the universal machining of alloyed and non alloyed steels, titanium alloys and nickel-based alloys. Improved toughness ensures a reduced risk of ruptures on the cutting edges.

CTS24Z: the special high-performance carbide grade for the roughing of titanium and heat-resistant alloys. Even higher fracture toughness than CTS18D and CTS20D, with comparable hardness.

CTS30D: submicron carbide grade with very high toughness for difficult machining conditions.


Fine grain carbide grades

CTF12E: fine grain carbide grade for gun drills with an adapted relation between
hardness and toughness. Suitable also for diamond-coated solid carbide

CTF25E: fine grain carbide grade for the production of PCD tools and tool shanks.
The increased cobalt content and the coarser grain improve brazability
while increasing fracture toughness.

Cermet carbide grade

CTF28T: cermet carbide grade particularly for the finish machining of steel. Thanks
to high oxidation resistance and low tendency to stick it is particularly suitable
for the production of uncoated reamers.



With the e-line, we offer you the acknowledged industrial quality at an excellent price-performance ratio.




For standard tools, where cost-effectiveness is the main consideration, we offer the s-line. Made from high-quality secondary raw materials, the s-line guarantees solid efficiency.