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Profile rods and tips with special coolant hole profiles for manufacturing deep-hole drilling tools 

Comprehensive product portfolio

Complete stock range of rods and semi-finished products for the production of gun drills in solid carbide and carbide-tipped gun drills. Now also available in the new grade CTF12E, a fine grain carbide for gun drills with an improved balance of hardness and toughness.

- Round rods with a kidney-shaped coolant hole

- Vee-fluted rods, with either one kidney-shaped or 2 straight coolant holes

- Preformed profile tips with 2 straight coolant holes

- Diameter: 2.40 mm – 45 mm

- Standard rod length: 310 mm

  • For the manufacturing of gun drills:

    - Round rods for manufacturing solid carbide tools

    - Profile rods and tips for tipped tools

Specifications and technical drawings of the products are available upon request.

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