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Semi-finished tools for DIN 6537 drills with through-coolant


Our blanks are ground to h5 with maximum geometric precision.

Pull-out resistant

The DIN drill blanks have a special mat grinding surface which raises the friction coefficient of the tool shank and thus provides for an improved pull-out resistance.

MQL suitable

The drill blanks' shaft end complies with DIN 69090-3. This corresponds to the standard for cutting tools which are suitable for MQL.

- Diameter: 3.00 mm to 20.00 mm

- DIN drill blanks, ground mat to h5 tolerance with MQL-compliant shank end

- High-precision drill blanks for micro-drills with through-coolant

For the production of solid carbide drills with through-coolant:

- DIN 6537 solid carbide drills with MQL or conventional through-coolant

- Micro drilling tools with through-coolant in 3 mm or 4 mm shank

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Round tool materials
No. 147

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Round tool materials
No. 765

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Round tool materials
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