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Customer-specific preforms for rotating cutting tools

Near net shape

Our preformed blanks reduce your grinding and EDM to a minimum.

Quick & competent

Long-standing experience in the machining of blanks, together with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, enable us to produce complex geometries near net shape and with minimum lead times.

Tailor-made preforms

We produce blanks and semi-finished products for solid carbide and PCD tools, as well as tools with replaceable heads and tool shanks, according to your individual specifications.

New fine grain grade CTF25E

In particular for tool shanks and PCD tool bodies we have developed the new grade CTF25E which is ideal even for the most sophisticated executions, problematic jointing applications and critical forms. This grade is characterised by optimised brazability and high toughness.

Bespoke blanks for:

- Solid carbide drilling tools and milling cutters

- PCD tools

- Threading tools

- Reamers

- Countersinks

- Tool shanks

- Replaceable tool head systems

We will process your enquiries within 24 hours.

We guarantee quick and reliable delivery times upon receipt of your order.

In order to expedite the handling of your order, please provide the following information:

- With or without grinding allowance

- Sintered or ground

- Quantity

- Carbide grade

Preferably submitted as follows:

- Via e-mail

- As a digital drawing (ideally in CAD, 3D model formats such as .stp, .prt, …)

P-LINE Program
Round tool materials
No. 147

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • DE 8.49 MB
  • EN 8.48 MB
  • ES 8.50 MB
  • FR 8.51 MB
  • IT 8.50 MB
  • RU 6.79 MB
  • ZH 6.85 MB

E-LINE Program
Round tool materials
No. 765

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • DE 921 KB
  • EN 0.91 MB
  • RU 916 KB

S-LINE Program
Round tool materials
No. 563

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • DE 1.08 MB
  • EN 2.15 MB
  • RU 714 KB

Preforms for Rotary Cutting Tools US
No. 711

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • US 2.73 MB

Your Partner for Toolmaker Solutions US
No. 708

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • US 723 KB

Solid Carbide Rods US
No. 709

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • US 1.56 MB

Rods with Coolant Holes US
No. 710

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • US 1.82 MB

Technical Reference Book US
No. 712

  • FormatLanguageSize
  • US 2.11 MB
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