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Coolant hole rods programme that offers a multitude of configurations and ensures high precision

Diameter range

Our programme enables the production of blanks for gun drills with coolant holes in the diameter range from 3 mm to 35 mm.

Numerous versions available in stock

The optimal rods with 2, 3 or 4 coolant holes with helix angles from 15° to 51°, in standard lengths up to 530 mm can be selected for all common drill geometries.

Minimum pitch tolerances

Thanks to the unique CERATIZIT classification system  even extra-long drilling tools may be ground whilst maintaining process stability.

Extended stock range – submicron grade CTS12D and CTS24Z

As of now our rods with helical coolant holes are also available in submicron grade CTS12D and CTS24Z from stock. CTS12D is characterised by high wear resistance and is extremely suitable for diamond coating. CTS24Z is a special high-performance grade for machining of titanium and heat-resistant alloys.

- As sintered

- Ground to h6

- Diameter: 3 mm to 35 mm

- Standard length: 250 mm to 530 mm

- With 2, 3 or 4 helical coolant holes from 15° to 46°

 - Grade CTS20D, CTS12D


For the production of gun drill blanks with internal coolant supply:

- Universal drill blank with standard shank

- Gun drill blanks with helical coolant holes

- High-performance drills for aluminium and cast iron

- Step drills

- Diverse types of special tools

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