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Wide product range of carbide and ceramic balls

Quality from experience

We have been developing and producing carbide precision balls for decades. This expertise, combined with mastery of the entire process chain, allows us to offer the highest in product quality and consistency at competitive prices and to further provide continuous optimisations. This makes us, for example, the world market leader in the manufacture of blanks for ballpoint pen balls.

The right grade for every application

Thanks to our diverse selection of grades and customer advice, you can find the optimal grade for your specific individual requirements.

Customised products

Aside from our standard portfolio, we of course also develop and produce balls completely according to your needs.


- Wear-resistant

- High hardness

- Also intended for high ambient temperatures

- High resistance to corrosion


- As sintered or ground


- Tungsten carbide

- Silicon nitride

- Automotive industry

- Security and defence industry

- Writing utensils

- Mini bearings

- Sensor elements

- Shot peening

- Tubes

- Precision hydraulic valves

- Inertial navigation system

- Measuring instruments

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