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Our guarantee of success: carbide powder produced in-house


We do not only specialise in blanks and ready-to-use products; we also offer high-quality carbide powder with various grain sizes. You can choose from a wide range of grades, whose mechanical properties are tailored to your personal application. In addition to powder, we also produce sharp-edged and flaky grit.


- Tungsten and tungsten carbide powder

- Ready-to-press powder (RTP)

- Carbide grit

Carbide properties (varied according to grade – dependent on cobalt content and tungsten carbide grain size):

- Wear-resistant/hard

- High compressive strength

- Impact-resistant

- High transverse rupture strength

- Rigid

- Resistant against corrosion and oxidation

- Various tribological, thermic, and magnetic properties

Products for a wide range of sectors and applications are made from our carbide powder and grit: tools and components made out of carbide, in comparison to other materials, are often the more efficient, better performing alternative.

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