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Sputter targets made from tungsten carbide for the coating of high-performance tools and components

Why tungsten carbide?

With ‘sputtering’, a physical, vacuum-based coating procedure, sputter targets are used. Sputter targets made from tungsten carbide are mostly used for the production of DLC coatings (‘diamond-like carbon’).


Due to our own powder production and our comprehensive know-how in production processes, we guarantee a very pure microstructure without impurities or pores. Our sputter targets additionally distinguish themselves by means of a homogeneous microstructure – which in turn is decisive for a consistent coating result.  Depending on requirements we offer a variety of carbide grades with various properties.


- Ground on all faces


- Homogeneous structure

- High product purity, no foreign materials or pores for consistent removal without contamination

Sectors, applications:

- Automotive industry (racing)

- Tooling industry

- Optical industry

- Production of tribological coatings

- Electronic industry

Achieving a high-quality coating depends on the composition, a homogeneous structure, density and purity of the target. All of our products naturally fulfil these criteria and thus ensure consistent coating deposition.

Depending on customer specifications, we offer Co or Ni binder grades or binder-free grades:

- Binder-free grades (CTF00Q with <0.3% remaining Co content)

- Co binder grade (CTF11E with 5.6% Co)

- Ni binder grade (CTS21RE with 6.0% Ni/Cr)

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